What does “Jew-free” mean, and how should we accomplish it? Should we follow Adolf Hitler’s lead and deport America’s two-legged parasites? Or should we emulate the Zionists and embrace genocide? We could kill two birds with one stone by deporting the cockroaches to Israel, then letting a coalition of Muslim countries wipe Israel off the map, making the world a better place.

And should we just target “bad Jews” (Jewarchists), or should we find a final solution for all Jews? How many good Jews are there in the first place?

Hitler performed a miracle by merely taking power away from the Jews who had infiltrated Germany’s institutions, rescuing Germany from the Great Depression and transforming it into a major power while Americans were still digging ditches for Franklin D. Roosevelt and his Jewish puppet masters. Unfortunately, Hitler wasn’t able to deport all of Germany’s Jews for one simple reason—no one wanted them. People in other countries labeled Germans “anti-Semites” (even though European Jews are not Semites), yet they didn’t want Jews infesting their own countries.

Powerful Jews who controlled the U.S. and major European countries orchestrated the destruction of Germany, then manufactured the Holocaust fairy tale. Today, the Jews brazenly carry out a real Holocaust targeting Palestinians while arrogantly denying they’re doing anything wrong.

Jews invented nuclear weapons and have started many, if not most, wars over the past couple centuries. They may have created the coronavirus, and they are now laying the groundwork for World War III.

Enough is enough. Let’s deal with our Jewish problem while we still have a planet left to save.

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